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Give us this day Diamond Painting Mosaic Wall Decoration Paint 1607


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Not Framed , Size is canvas size by default. Welcome email us to get cart invoice before paying order.

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Canvas Size

What is  Diamond Painting  ?

Cool DIY creation artwork . Anyone can be ARTIST and finish fantastic masterpiece to only put the diamond painting on canvas easily with our instruction guide.This product come to your with all complete set of diamond pack, tools, canvas you need to finish beautiful artwork. The Diamond Painting is an excellent product to leisure, fun !

Why Buy From Us : 

  1. HIGH QUALITY CANVAS :  Our Canvas is edited in high details with clear symbol background by professional artwork. With strong clear glue , by which you can red the symbol easily and clearly on canvas . 
  2. BIGGEST SELECTION DESIGN THEME: Over 30,000 Different Designs Of Diamond Painting Factory, Still Keep Updating new designs every week.  you can choose your favorite it. SUBSCRIBE US , You can get newest designs recommend service.
  3. RECREATION: Crating DIY diamond painting is a very happy time , It is easy to do a master pieces by no paint skill, and it can reduce your stress , spend your free time happily , and enjoy your life mostly 
  4. CUSTOM SERVICE: if you need a custom photo diamond painting, we can offer you free effect to view , It is so happy to make custom photo become a diamond painting。Make people become artist, and cure bad feeling .
  5. PERFECT GIFT: Diamond Painting can be an excellent for family , friends. it can provide strong bonding experience for relationship .

* The Large Size Painting , the More real effects will be 

* Framed is not included , buyers can make the frame by yourself when you finish the painting.

* Pasting Area: Full Drill , Picture covered all by diamond 

Diamond Shape: Square Diamond , If you need round one. Please email us 

*Service:The paintings come to buyer in safe package, if you need help , or have questions , would you please email us .we can offer you service at any time  happily . 

What's included?

  • 1x Canvas with sticky adhesive surface
  • 1x Diamond Pen
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Glue for the Diamond Pen
  • 1x All the diamonds (square) needed
  • 1x Diamond Tray
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